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name . willowflower
age . 73 moons
sex . male
clan . windclan
sexuality . homosexual
reason for name . willow- for light grey fur; -flower for extreme maternal instinct and femininity.

personality .

willowflower is a really interesting tomcat, if one can really say so themselves. he’s pretty generous and such, giving a lot to make sure everything is okay. if there’s a cat that’s grieving, he’ll probably be there to comfort them, tell them it’s alright, that the other cat wasn’t really that important (if a mateship broke up) or they are always important (cat died or something). he also will not take prey from the pile until everyone, and that means everyone, has had something to eat. he will use one of his lives just so that others won’t starve, but he would. skipping to the second one, being enthusiastic, you can’t really get his energy levels down to a null and void position. its kind of an impossible feat to accomplish, as he’s always running around. maybe he’s on patrol, maybe he’s being reckless somewhere. honestly, you can’t really keep this tom in one place for very long.

turn the page and you get the dependable trait, and Starclan forbid he ever seems to be the one to shove others away. he will fight for a right (look, rhymes) to a topic or subject, and will stick to it for a good, long while. if you’re a friend of his, you will stay that way until the second you cross him. looking ahead and skipping over some, you get observant as one of his traits. he tends to look out upon cats like a hawk, and if there’s one little thing that went wrong, he will try his best to fix it up. turning a page backwards, imaginative is the word that pops up in bold letters to you. willowflower has a pretty vivid imagination, and ideas he has- they just keep piling up in front of him, almost as though the freshkill pile was being restocked as he thought.

there’s this one ripped page from the book that talks about his more ‘quirky’ side, as other cats would like to call it. his feminine ways are what got him the full warrior name he received, you know. his attitude is interesting and out of the normal range, his posture is like a molly’s, and the way he talks is almost like he’s trying to be a female. even his paternal side doesn’t show; its more maternal than anything else. he loves kits, he really does, but he knows that he can’t reproduce. he could get a queen and have a mateship with her, but he’s kind of.. picky, with who he likes and doesn’t like.

if those traits were in a small picture book, than the negative traits would be in something like a small novel, in all honestly. we could talk for days about the faults of our characters, but this one’s going to be a bit rushed.

we get to the table of contents, and the first thing we see is willowflower’s indecisive nature being chapter one. he cannot make a choice, even if the clan depended upon it- and it does, more often than not. of course, he tries to cover this up. of course, he’s the strong, strong warrior that others look up to when they think ‘senior warrior’. he also cannot seem to tell himself that he’s not a molly, and that he’s a tom, and that’s all there is to it. chapter two ends up being clingy, a beautiful chapter indeed. he gets attached a bit too easily, and he cannot stand when others try to leave him alone. he’s basically, i tried to be the best i can be, so why can’t you see it? he says these words in a very whining fashion, and doesn’t always mean it. sometimes he does, but after the first few times, he really gets annoying.

saying hello to chapter three, we see oversensitive as the title of it, and it does relate to the second section of this table of contents. he gets hurt a bit too easily, and others wonder how he even works out his own issues, his own problems. he takes things to heart, and he was, occasionally, bullied by the other warriors, but he tried to ignore them. i guess that’s his whole thing. ignoring and such. the fourth chapter is a bit, well, skeptical, you know. it sorta ties in with the first trait, with the inability to make a firm decision. even if he does choose something, he will run it over a couple times in his head, and work it out again. a slightly smaller section is more of a sub-chapter, and it is his dramatic tendencies. he tries to be in the center of attention, well, sometimes. that’s sort of why its in a sub-section, rather than a full on page. it only happens on the occasion, as attention on him could be unwanted, as well. he’s fickle with these things.

the last two traits are tied in with each other, but with the sixth starting off with how stubborn he is. try to give him a job to do, he probably won’t do it until he’s convinced that he’ll get into major trouble, having major issues, and other things. he also tends to be a bit impatient, making the last part of the table of contents. he tries his hardest to wait for others, to understand and work at their pace- but he has to go a little faster, or he’ll get bored.


before birth

it isn’t something you would expect, but the late plumpelt of windclan did end up becoming a queen later on in her warrior moons. she became acquainted with a light grey tom by the name of ashtail, and their conflicting personalities connected. i suppose you could call it ‘opposites attract’ or something of that sort, but we all know that’s a load of mouse dung. so, they got together, had a fling of sorts, and she became pregnant at around fifty moons. the kits she eventually gave birth to were a light grey-and-white tom, as well as a plain light grey tom. she named them nettlekit and willowkit, respectively. you are the latter of the two.


being a kit, what did you expect there to be? for the first moon or so, you barely moved from your mother’s teat, nursing and having that milk that you just needed to survive. kicking your brother, that was a common occurrence, as well. you heard his cries of protest, but as a kit, you didn’t care that much. cue the second moon of life, and you began to move around more, as well as opening your eyes to the world. those baby blues would soon fade into a lime-amber mixture as soon as you hit four moons. you began to speak to others, and your mewl was high and, surprisingly feminine. are you sure you aren’t a molly? jump to the third and fourth moon, you were weaned into eating rabbit and mice, and you also visited the medicine cat’s den a few times. good job. don’t get hurt or sick, now. skip forward to fifth and sixth moon, you were eagerly awaiting your apprentice name, and starting to slightly nudge nettlekit into the spotlight. he was always a quiet kit. you didn’t know why, either. maybe he was just shy?


flash ahead to the apprentice ceremony, where you’re extremely enthusiastic and energetic. you hear mousestar’s words rattle your ears, and you twitched them a couple times. she was getting older, you realized, and eventually, she would have to step down from being a leader. it was fine, though. you were sure the deputy then would take care of windclan. before you knew it, you became an apprentice, and were mentored to chervilfoot- your mother’s brother. he gave you the cold shoulder at first, but after the first training session, he started to show his personality a bit more, and you started to like the tom. skipping past the seventh, eighth, ninth moon, you were maturing fast. the female apprentices were starting to glance over at you, and you felt uncomfortable with it. tenth, eleventh, twelfth moon come and pass, you manage to go to a Gathering one time. you passed your hunting sessions, your fighting practices, and were capable enough to be allowed on patrols. you were ready to become a warrior. there was something wrong, though- you didn’t feel as though you were correctly A Tomcat. your voice was high in pitch still, your body was slim, and you were small. you had thoughts of becoming a queen once or twice in those ‘what if’ question sessions. that was when you realized, maybe you weren’t a tom on the inside. maybe you were actually a female. you found this ridiculous, though, as you were a tom on the outside. you were also one on the inside. you disregarded this thoughts as your warrior ceremony drew close.


by some miracle, or dumb luck, you became a warrior at the ripe age of thirteen moons. your brother, nettlepaw, was also about to receive his warrior name, though he looked less excited than you were. literally, all you could think about was what name you were about to receive, how it was going to fit in with everyday life, so on and so forth. that was when mousestar began to speak, calling starclan down to look upon these two apprentices. when she asked if you were going to be a warrior, that was what you wanted, you couldn’t help but say the words ‘i do.’ your brother echoed them. the atmosphere seemed to change, and what do you know, you became a warrior, under the name of willowflower. your brother became nettleclaw. however, you couldn’t help but notice the way others were glancing over at you, with smug expressions and snarky tones as they congratulated you. this confused you, and it was only after someone explained the situation to you did you realize why this happened. the suffix of -flower was mostly given to females with high maternal instinct, as well as femininity in high percentiles. other clans were going to think you were a molly. the issue here, though, is that you were uncertain if this was, in fact, a bad thing.

flash forward to your twentieth moon of life, where it’s pretty obvious that you’re bored with most of the going-ons in the clan. mousestar called together a clan meeting, and your head raises toward her. oh, it was an apprentice ceremony, you realized as three little kits went forward, two dark tabbies and a dark grey one. the tabbies became apprentices first, being mentored to so-and-so, and the last one, a little cute kit, became known as ravenpaw. he became your apprentice within the next ten seconds. your eyes widened in shock, and once the apprentice came by you, that was when you realized that you were now in charge of him. you were going to be a mentor. that was something you weren’t so certain about.

taking a glance at three moons in, what was going on with ravenpaw as the same as your own ninth moon, where some of the mollies were looking at you, seeing through your soul, and checking to make sure that you would be a candidate for mateship later on. oh, you hated those days, and ravenpaw seemed to be the same way, to your surprise. the black and white tom mostly stayed near you, pleading to be on patrols, or just hunting. you complied, only because you were the same way he was back then. this happened for his tenth, eleventh, and twelfth moon, as well- and, even though you were about fifteen moons his senior, you started to see him as more than just an apprentice to teach. that was what bothered you slightly.

you were about twenty-eight moons when he became a warrior, and you stood by him just a few moments before he was called up. his siblings, the dark tabbies from a while ago, were also there, so you were relieved that he wasn’t alone. mousestar went through the ceremony, and before you knew it, ravenpaw was raventail, and you cheered for him. your yowls were the loudest when congratulating the apprentice you had before he became a warrior. some of the warriors stared at you with confusion, but quickly turned away. no need to talk, you know.

at thirty-seven moons, you were faced with the duty of mentoring yet another apprentice, one under the name of pearpaw. it was ridiculous to think that you’d be ready for another one so soon, but then again, it has been three seasons since you last had one. maybe this one would be a good one. then again, you didn’t have much of a positive opinion about the new one, and this surprised you. it was another male apprentice, after all. why didn’t you like him? you realized it was due to his harsh attitude, his lazy aspects, and the fact that he just didn’t like anyone. so, you decided to not like him, but never allow him to know that. he finished his apprenticeship with becoming a warrior under the name of pearstorm, and you left him at that.

forty-eight moons old, you could be considered a senior warrior by this point, but you also begin to have a downfall in your life. your mother, your lovely mother called plumpelt, was an elder at this point, and passed away the upcoming leafbare. your father perished under a dog while patrolling the borders. your aunt was gone, as was your previous mentor and uncle. you didn’t know what to do, really, so you kept going as a normal warrior. raventail, your first apprentice of thirty-four moons, was really getting your eye again. you couldn’t help but stare at him when he wasn’t looking. it took you a while, but you finally realized that you were in love with the dark grey-pelted tomcat. you told him this, and the other did admit that he was falling for you as well. the only thing was, the two of you didn’t know how to admit this to the clan.

fast forward another fifteen moons and the two of you finally told the clan. well, it was more of a rumor that spread and was confirmed. your brother, nettleclaw, was also gone by the time this was said, so you really didn’t have family left, you know. it wasn’t like your family was going to judge you or anything like that. well, that was slightly a lie, about the family being gone- you did have kits. adopted ones, but none the less, you did. you see, your mate’s sister was going to be a queen, but she lost her life in trying to kit. the father, no one really knew, as no one in the clan ever stepped forward to reclaim them. so, raventail adopted them, and you became the unofficial other parent to them. it was only official after the two of you revealed your status of relationship.

you were pretty much set as a senior warrior by sixty-nine moons, honestly. you had experience, you mentored three apprentices (raventail, pearclaw, and the unnamed third was a molly called snowfoot), you had a mate, and you had kits- adopted, but still your kits. when those kits became apprentices, you felt all the pride of a father. good job, willowflower. good job.

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name . elmnose
age . 29 moons
sex . male
clan . shadowclan
sexuality . pansexual
reasoning for name . elm- for his brown pelt; -nose for his sense of curiosity and decent tracking skills.

personality . idiotic, honest, can’t seem to get a clue when it’s right there in front of him. this is basically what elmnose is- a full blown idiot. he doesn’t follow the simplest of cues from fellow warriors, he doesn’t understand why there are borders, and he doesn’t get why having a relationship outside of shadowclan is considered taboo. he will speak his mind when things get out of hand, that’s for sure, but he doesn’t have an idea on how to solve issues without making it worse. his attitude of not knowing what the difference between right and wrong will get him into trouble, not that it already has. his mind-numbing curiosity gets the better of him, and he would be the one warrior to walk straight into an ambush, not understanding what’s going on around him. he’s an idiot, everyone. that’s all there is to it.

history . so you ask how this idiot came to be. well, there really isn’t much to his story, other than the mother and father being in shadowclan. they were actually half-siblings, through the father, but no one knew their father anyway. he was as elusive as this biography makes it out to be, and well, you know, the father was a weird grey tabby. but that’s not what we’re talking about here. so, oakflower and sleetfoot got together one day, and it ended up as more of a fling than anything else, leaving the molly pregnant with kits. two moons later, and we get our two kits in the litter, elmkit and stonekit.

normal kithood is what the two went through. with an added dosage of play-fighting that seemed a bit harsher than usual. little elmkit was on the receiving end of the blows from stonekit, though it was obvious that the brown tabby didn’t care all that much. he was a cat-pleaser, and never complained once. this was probably when he started being the idiot that we all know now.

apprenticeship was easy enough, though the things that elmpaw understood were common sense. he didn’t really catch on with the more technical skills that he needed, though there was one thing that he did know how to do; track. he wasn’t the best hunter, dear starclan no, but he was pretty great at sniffing out the prey and other cats, if they got lost. so, it made perfect sense that when he became a warrior, he would be known as elmnose from that time forward. his mentor, a sturdy tomcat with a talent for fighting, was clearly unamused by the apprentice’s way of doing things in his life. he attempted to get the boy to work harder, which he tried so hard with doing, and be the fighter that shadowclan would be proud of. unfortunately, the idiot wasn’t capable of that, and his training went on for loner than it should have.

it was his fifteenth moon before he actually became elmnose, with his sibling becoming stonewhisker at twelve moons. the brown tom was an embarrassment, though he never caught on to that. and now, there he goes, showing his stupidity to the world as elmnose the idiot.

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name . cootwhisker
age . 86 moons
sex . female
clan . shadowclan
sexuality . pansexual
reasoning for name . coot- for her solid black fur; -whisker for her superior tracking and hunting skills.

personality . independent . persistent . clever . adaptable . confident . ambitious . dynamic . humorous . posessive . self-indulging . vengeful . insensitive . cold . calculating . manipulative . distrusting


before birth

you’re an older cat, you remember the great battle- just barely, anyway. what was it like beforehand, though? when you weren’t exactly born yet? well, let’s just say that, the two laziest warriors in shadowclan became really interesting friends during their late apprentice days, and leading up to the major battle, your litter was conceived. sootwhisker, your mother, and barleyleaf, your father, were the best of friends, and that was really all there was to it. your mother was pregnant for a little while, and it lead up to the date of your kitting. you and your brother were born- almost complete copies of your parents, too. you were named cootkit, your brother was named alderkit.


what else were you expecting, other than knowing that your first moon of life would be extremely boring? however, second moon, and you knew scents vaguely. however, there was the great battle that happened that exact moon- and you heard your father go into battle, for shadowclan, to defend the clan. when he didn’t come back, you didn’t know, you didn’t notice, but your mother sure did. she seemed to be hurt, extremely hurt, and you wanted to know what else you could do to make her not seem so hurt. so, you tried being the best you possibly could, trying to get your mom to see you, and be proud. but, she seemed to look at alderkit more. what was so special about him?


becoming an apprentice was probably the best thing that could happen to you at this point, and you stared up at the leader- finchstar- as he dubbed you cootpaw, and your brother became alderpaw. it was a pretty interesting way to start off your apprenticeship, and you were given to toadheart, gift-wrapped and shipped to her. she was your mentor, you were her apprentice; it would not go any more than that. you barely even knew her as your aunt. and as you began to train, it was obvious that you weren’t really cut out for being a top-notch battler, and would end up being a fantastic hunter, just like your mother. your brother- well, you didn’t know what he’d end up being. you didn’t pay much attention to him. there was also an occurrence during your last moon of training, and it was your mother, falling sick with an unknown illness and perishing before you became a warrior. that hurt, knowing your mother would never see you be a warrior, but you also knew it might be for the best. at least she wasn’t suffering anymore.


so, with that out of the way, you were just about ready to set sail for the rest of your life. that sounds really fun, doesn’t it now. nah, not really. anyway, you became known as cootwhisker, named after your mother, sootwhisker, and also for your exceptional hunting skills. your brother, well, he was known as alderleaf, and you couldn’t help but imagine that he was named after your father, barleyleaf. it seems to you that was exactly what it was, but you didn’t know for sure. maybe he had a really calm personality, you don’t know for certain. the vigil was set for the night, and you looked toward your brother every so often, and you couldn’t help but smile sometimes. at least you still had him as a family member.

skip to the day that you received your first apprentice, when you are about twenty-six moons or so. pretty late for a first one, but shadowclan seemed to have issues with breeding at this point of time. so, you got this really quirky molly named frostpaw, and started training her. to you, she was a waste of space, a waste of time, mostly because her upbeat attitude was really getting on your nerves. she would mess up almost all the time, and you were exasperatedly frustrated all the time. you did accomplish it, though, and she finally became frostcloud at fourteen moons. at least that one was out of your fur.

at forty moons, you receive your second apprentice, and this time, it was a tom named goosepaw. this one you took a bit more of a liking to, especially since he wasn’t Can I See That or What Is That around you. so, you actually seemed to have a mother and son relationship with him, and you continued with his training until he was twelve moons. that was when he became goosewhisker, a fantastic hunter like yourself.

forty-eight moons, and you were actually beginning to admire some of the tomcats around shadowclan. you grimaced at the thought of being a mother, though, so you just sort-of flirted around with the not taken toms. there was one that you did like more than the rest, a pretty interesting tom named russetclaw, whose idea of fun included beating the dung out of another cat. he intrigued you, and you could say that you fell in love at that point of time. soon enough, he started to like you as well, and you guess you could say that you two did something that you’d later regret.

take a skip to her fifty-sixth moon, and she’s in the nursery with a couple of kits. yes, you and russetclaw were officially mates, and you had two girls and a boy to call your own. the girls were tortoiseshells, and the boy was a solid black colour like yourself. you named them emberkit, sorrelkit, and batkit. you noticed that russetclaw was very anxious around the kits at this time, and he wouldn’t really come near them. what was he afraid of, you wondered as they grew older. they weren’t going to get killed any time soon.

he was killed sometimes soon, though; a fox got to him while he was on a lone hunting patrol. you went through denial, you went through anger and rage, but you still kept a strong front for your kits, now apprentices. none of your kits looked like your father, really, and you supposed that was a good thing. you didn’t need a reminder about him, after all.

flash forward and you’re at about seventy moons, and your kits were warriors. emberpelt, sorrelflower, and batfang were all promising young cats for shadowclan, and you were proud of them. you do look around for other cats, though, and you know that some of the toms won’t even glance at you because you’re an older molly. you’re getting older, you’ll eventually retire to the elder’s den- but no. you vowed to only do so when you didn’t feel as though your bones could keep up with yourself.

it’ll be a long time before that ever happens, you know. you’re eighty-six moons, and you feel as though you’re still forty moons: young and ready to take on the world.

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name . raincloud
age . 42 moons
sex . female
clan . riverclan
sexuality . pansexual
reasoning for name . rain- for her blue-grey fur with lighter ticked areas; -cloud for her caring and soft personality.

personality . here you see a cute and adorable little warrior, and no, there’s no catch on that for once. raincloud is a really kind, caring, lovable type of cat, and really wants to please others. this leaves a great deal of room for being a pushover, though, and she has a great deal of insecurities. she doesn’t even bother trying to fake confidence; she doesn’t have it at all. in all honesty, this queen will be taken advantage of her entire life, and may end up as just a baby-making cat to others instead of an actual, worthy female. she’s weak, she doesn’t know how to defend herself, and she would go through an abusive relationship because she doesn’t understand what abuse is. raincloud is an innocent girl, and it’s hard to see her go through life without knowing what lies around the corner.

history . okay, so you know that it takes two to tango, right? good, so we don’t have to go into that specific amount of detail. it started with a molly called mist-tail and a tom called stonepelt, who were complete opposites. mist was fifty moons, an older girl, and stone was twenty-three moons. basically, they were a mentor and apprentice relationship that was serious after the apprentice became the warrior he wanted to be. they did some things, they were opposites that attracted, and they were starting to get the family they wanted.

the first litter was large, with a total of five kits being born. there were a couple complications, and it ended up with two cats becoming stillborn, with the other three as small, quite runt-like. the eldest girl was called fogkit, the second girl was rainkit, and the third, the only tom, was stormkit. they were all healthy enough, just smaller than the usual kits. there were little bites and nips from the siblings, but nothing more than that for the first moon or so of life.

flash forward to apprenticeship, and the three kits become apprentices under the names of fogpaw, rainpaw, and stormpaw. rainpaw was given to a tom named daisyfang as his first apprentice, and it would soon be known that the tom was an abusive warrior. hisses, spitting in her general direction, and overall harshness was something rainpaw got used to, and she believed that every cat was like that. she was perfectly naive. she didn’t even think that, when daisyfang almost shredded her ear off, he was a bad cat. it was an accident, she told the medicine cat, and she continued on with her apprenticeship like nothing was wrong.

at the age of fourteen moons, a bit later than normal, she became raincloud. her siblings were fogface and stormclaw, a beautiful molly and a strong fighting tomcat, becoming a warrior a moon before her. the three were starting to drift apart, and ultimately, the blue-grey warrior was heading head-first into a relationship with no abort button. daisyfang wanted raincloud back, and being the pushover that she was, she didn’t mind it one bit.

so, it was natural that they became mates; and at thirty-five moons, raincloud finally became pregnant with her first litter of kits. it wouldn’t last, their ‘honeymoon’ phase, as daisyfang then fell to a couple foxes coming from shadowclan territory. now, being filled with the eventual kits of riverclan, raincloud is mateless and scared out of her mind for the kitting.

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name . quailheart
age . 34 moons
sex . male
clan . riverclan
sexuality . heterosexual
reason for name . quail- for his golden-brown fur tones; -heart for his undying determination and loyalty to riverclan.

personality . optimistic . loyal . courageous . adaptable . caring . encouraging . reliable . responsible . impatient . unimaginative . cheesy . self-involved . stuck in the past . oversensitive . anxiety-ridden . skittish


before birth

what do you want, a thorough explanation of your entire life before you were even born? that is ridiculous, even for you, to suggest. but, whatever, i suppose that is possible. your parents were descendants of the great mottledstar, but not really at the same time. well, again, what a lie. your father was a deaf seal-point tom named mintear, and your mother was a lovely golden-brown tabby named hazelfur. your mother was about twenty moons your father’s junior, though, but they did make it work in a very cutesy way. they had no other litters before the one with you in it, about thirty-one moons ago. there were three in your litter; pheasantkit, blizzardkit, and quailkit- the last was you.


moon one was probably the most boring time of your life, just sleeping, pooping, and nursing. your eyes didn’t even open for what seemed like an eternity. however, the second moon brought along a new denmate- a little white molly called egretkit. you chose to know her existence, but she seemed to not know yours. no matter, you would think, as you played with your siblings. she’d eventually see you as a cat, maybe even a friend? who really knew at this point, you just entered the world. flash forward to your fifth moon, where little blizzardkit accidentally wandered too close to the river and slipped in. there was no warrior on guard at the time, therefore, the kit drowned. a cat eventually found him, but he was long dead by that point. this hurt you, how could you lose a cat you loved to the river? you vowed to keep an eye on the river at that point, and make sure no one else drowned.


well, you became an apprentice at six moons, and were given a mentor under the name of honeystripe. pheasantpaw was given a mentor, as well, and you set off for your lives. however, not long enough after that ceremony, you were spying a kit getting too close to the river. you followed it, and what did you know, it was egretkit- except for the face that she was about to drown. you jumped in after her, and brought her back to the shore. as the two of you shook off the water from your fur, you looked at one another, and vowed in the exchange of looks to never speak about this. that was really all there was to it. you also watched as she became an apprentice, egretpaw, and couldn’t wait to begin talking to her. it never really happened, she seemed so content on training. you allowed her to do what she wished, and went headfirst into your own training. it finished pretty quickly, and at twelve moons, you were ready to become a warrior.


so, you wanted to be a warrior, and that was exactly what happened. you and pheasantpaw became quailheart and pheasantcloud, full riverclan warriors. you went to a gathering soon after that, and you would boast about your status to the other clans, but that wasn’t something that you did. a moon after you became a warrior, egretpaw became one, under the lovely name of egreteye. you continued to keep a slight eye on her, and eventually, it would pay off. not long after her warrior ceremony, she was coming out of the medicine cat den, wide-eyed and frantic, and ran a straight line somewhere- and into you. before you could ask what was wrong, your look must’ve said something, she began to pour her heart out, all about what was going on in her mind, in her life, so on and so forth. you stayed with her, gave her a shoulder to cry upon, and muttered soothing words to her. you were one of those empathetic types, and right now, egreteye needed your empathy.

it wasn’t long after you became a warrior did you receive an apprentice of your own, a little tomcat named smallpaw. you were surprised at this, but you accepted the job without another word. egreteye also got an apprentice- mousepaw. it was inevitable that the two of you would end up training them together, and that was something that you might actually enjoy. you did need to comfort the other warrior sometimes, as she got frustrated with training her apprentice, and consoling her became more of a daily thing. yet, you couldn’t help but enjoy her presence. being without her, you kind of wanted to do nothing except train smallpaw. with her, you’d do pretty much anything. wow, you are such a pushover. anyway, your apprentice became something of a son, and you were proud as he became smallheart, a full warrior. 

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name . neritejaw
age . 15 moons
sex . female
clan . thunderclan
sexuality . heterosexual
reasoning for name . nerite- for her black, ginger, and white pelt; -jaw for her crooked jaw and terrible speech patterns.

personality . timid, naive, shy, introverted, insecure, quiet, reserved, nervous, high anxiety levels, pushover, unnoticed, hates attention brought to herself.

historya cute cat such as yourself shouldn’t have a history with awful turns embedded in with it. unfortunately, it happened that way, starting with the birth of you and your siblings. first, it was your parents; maplefang and laurelstorm. they weren’t very healthy warriors in general, with the mother having asthma and the father with some sort of a limp in his right hind leg. basically, there was some sort of admiration toward the other, even with their conditions, and they ended up as mates. the litter that followed, however, wasn’t such a good thing for them.

there was five in that litter, yes, though three of them were stillborn, and the remaining two were quite small and sickly. one was a tom, white with black patches, and the other was a molly, a calico. both moved slowly and with unsure movements, though it would be known that one of these two was.. different, so to say. a few moons passed the family by, and the kits were opening their eyes and unsealing their ears, so they could hear the world around them. the tom, named avocetkit, was perky and excited at all the sounds. the molly, neritekit, was more on the silent, emotionless side, and seemed to look around more often, as if trying to catch everything.

it wouldn’t be until their fourth moon that others realized you were half-deaf. only half, though- the side with the newly changed amber eye was perfectly fine, if not spectacular with hearing. everything was.. fine. you and avocetkit were close, and he was your other ear, in general. the two of you did everything together, from sneaking into the medicine cat’s den to several attempts at leaving camp, you did it all. at five moons, though, hazelberry diagnosed avocetkit with asthma, much like maplefang, and you could see how difficult it was for your brother to breathe. he was strong, though, and you knew he could handle it.

look ahead to the sixth moon, and you became neritepaw alongside avocetpaw, giving the other shy smiles and purred when he called your name out. the two of you were basically the best of friends, and the best of siblings. the mentor you received was named mistletoefoot, and he was a pretty nice tom to be around. he noticed how shy you could be, though he allowed you to go on at your own pace. the deaf ear you had wasn’t much of an issue anymore, yet what occurred later on in your apprenticeship caused a rift in personality for you.

it was a rainy day sometime in your tenth moon of life, and you were told to go hunting near the lake area. of course, you thought nothing of it; rain was rain, nothing was going to go wrong. so, you saw this squirrel, and it’s leafbare, so you went after it. the rodent ran to the lake, part of it being frozen, and you chased after it. when you reached a couple foxlengths from the shore, the ice broke from under your paws, and you let out a large yelp before going under. when you did hit the water, there was a pretty sharp boulder that hit your jaw, and all you felt was pain. then, there was nothing left to feel.

you thought you died, but a few days later, you woke up from being unconscious, your bottom jaw being extremely numb, and you couldn’t move it. hazelberry was treating you, and the only noise you made was a whine. you considered yourself lucky, being alive after an accident like that. yet, you weren’t going to be training again for another two moons, and it pushed your warrior ceremony back quite a bit. your brother became avocetfur when you left the medicine cat’s den to return to training. the two of you were still closer than ever, though he was starting to see the other mollies in the clan, and he did want to be happy.

worrying about you isn’t something you wanted him to do. so, you shied away from him, you withdrew yourself into an armored shell, and you didn’t want cats to look at you. all you did was finish your training with mistletoefoot and receive your warrior name at about fourteen and a half moons. you were late, and it was all your fault. so, when you received your warrior name of neritejaw, and when you tried to say ‘I do,’ it came out as more of a mumble, and you felt uncomfortable with everyone staring at you, calling out your new name.

neritejaw. a permanent reminder that attention is directed toward your crooked jaw, and not anything else about you.

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name . lionclaw
age . 56 moons
sex . female
clan . thunderclan
sexuality . pansexual
reason for name . lion- for her large frame and light ginger fur tones; -claw for her fighting skills.

personality . independent . courageous . persistent . humorous . inventive . original . ambitious . vain . arrogant . snobby . pretentious . jealous . moody . overdramatic


before birth 

what is it about the before life part that you want me to say? something about your parents or whatever? i suppose i could do that for you, madame lionclaw. anyway, before you embraced the world in your holy glory, there had to be something to make you. your mother and father, a tabby named firefang and a white cat named lightningstorm, were in a brief relationship before breaking up. that single fling that they had out in the middle of the forest, that was when you came into existence, in the womb of your mother. at the kitting, you were the only kit to be born. thus begins your life of fabulous wishes. 


first moon of life: boring. second moon: even more of a bore. nothing seems to be of importance, or interesting, to you during this time. there was another queen in the den at the time, but you didn’t like her, and you didn’t like her kits. your mother, firefang, was the only one that you really liked. you didn’t even know who your father was. third, fourth moon, you began to eat meat, started getting into a high amount of trouble, as well as trip over a root a couple of times. twisting your paw a couple times. you know, kit things. what you really wanted was to get out of the camp, and show the world The Greatest Cat Ever. you really needed to nip the bud on that attitude of yours, but you didn’t. the last two moons of being a kit also passed by uneventfully. low and behold, you were about to become an apprentice. good job.


the apprentice ceremony, what you’ve been waiting for the past five moons of your fabulous life. you stared at the other warriors as they gathered, and wondered, which of them is going to be the one to see my beauty each and every day? yeah, you really needed to get a better attitude, and fast. did you? no. however, kestrelstar named you lionpaw, and placed you under the mentoring of nightclaw. now, nightclaw was a senior warrior, and didn’t seem to enjoy the presence of anyone near him at all. did that stop you from bothering him? nah, he needed to see your greatness up close- even if he didn’t want to do so. look at me! you would say as you battled another apprentice in your eighth moon in a practice round. look at me! he never looked at you.

skip ahead to the tenth moon, you overhear that your mother is pregnant yet again- and you feel betrayed. were you not enough of a jewel in your mother’s eyes? were you not important enough? you shoved these thoughts aside as your new half-siblings came into the world. you wanted to name them dumbkit and attentionkit, but they ended up becoming tigerkit and leopardkit. both of which were female. you twitched in irritation, you were aggravated beyond measure. so, when your mentor took you out for battle training again, you made perfectly sure that you got his attention. and, you did, by almost unsheathing your claws and killing him. your warrior ceremony was held back in punishment. you didn’t become a warrior until you were fifteen moons old.


apparently, your mistake as an apprentice carried on into your warrior name. it seems like you just can’t live down your reputation as a fighter- especially one as skilled as you are. so, kestrelstar renamed you as lionclaw, and you’ve been that for as long as you can remember. not to mention, you got to see your sisters become apprentices under the names of tigerpaw and leopardpaw. jealousy ran through your veins, and you wanted to claw them up so badly, you wanted them to never be beautiful. you wanted to make sure they never received attention.

your ideas never made it into reality, thankfully, as you passed through twenty, thirty, forty moons of age. your sisters, they also became warriors, and they were tigerface and leopardtail. the one you hated the most was tigerface, mostly because she was one of the most beautiful mollies in thunderclan. no, not was- she still is. and you do want to maim the side of her face, her pretty little face- but then, you’d get into trouble. your thoughts were abandoned, and you continued to keep your spirits high, and act like you were oblivious, or idiotic. little do they know, you’re plotting their demise, or something of that sort. the apprentices you’ve trained, they’ll be okay around you. you get attention from them. your plots are for the ones that don’t give you attention. dear starclan, you’re crazy as batdung.

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name . hazelberry (medicine cat) ; hazelface (warrior)
age . 62 moons
sex . male
clan . thunderclan
sexuality . bisexual
reasoning for name . hazel- for the light brown tabby fur tones; -berry for his spectacular skills as a medicine cat. [-face for good looks.]

personality . clever . witty . responsible . confident . passionate . humorous . inventive . prideful . obsessive . vain . easily distracted . stubborn . impatient . flirtatious . overdramatic . self-involved


before birth

a single name, that’s all they really needed to know. but no, that name never came to the clan, no matter how many times her sister asked. her sister, all she wanted to know was the crush that the molly had, who she got pregnant by, who she was mated to. that name never passed by her maw, and it angered the sister. why was she not important enough to know about this? the sister abandoned the pregnant queen, and would not speak to her for many moons to come.

this all started when the queen- goldenflower- started tagging after a tom by the name of weaseltail, her emotions getting the best of her. she confessed her feelings for the tom, and in return, he told her one thing; he would mate with her, but no one should know about it, especially her sister, paleheart. truth be told, weaseltail loved paleheart, but he couldn’t tell that to goldenflower. at least, not yet. they mated, and several days later did frostbite tell goldenflower that she was pregnant. she was elated, but she kept her promise of keeping quiet. no on in the clan knew about the father, and it would stay that way for a long while.


born to goldenflower alongside one other sibling, honeykit, the two kits were almost inseperable at first. they stuck around one another for the longest time, mostly for support, and warmth, as leafbare was just beginning to end. oh, right, this little guy’s name was hazelkit, and he would soon enough become a legend- god, maybe. we don’t know for certain. he’s just a kit right now, give it a little bit of time. the kithood, it went by very slowly, and it was quite dull. they managed to get themselves trapped in the medicine cat’s den often, and they got in trouble afterwards. it was the life of a kit, after all.


becoming an apprentice, that was probably the most exciting day of his life, in all honsty. he was about to become a warrior, and that’s just perfect. with a wide smile on his maw, standing right beside his favored sister, they became known as hazelpaw and honeypaw, and were apprenticed under two young, but still seasoned, warriors. hazelpaw was given to a crude tom called cedarstorm, who was a nephew under kestrelstar, and it was almost like a test of sorts. he was placed to training right away, and it was battle skills. he was proven to not be a fast learner with these skills, so within the moon, he was tested with hunting, patrolling- none of these things seemed to be setting out a strength, and it was obvious that he was plain. honeypaw, though- she was proving her talent in battling, leaving hazelpaw jealous of her. it didn’t last, though, once he started understanding the array of different skills he needed to learn before becoming a warrior. he proved to be average in all of these skills, though, so he did feel a bit defeated.

there was one perk of this time period, though; pearpaw, the white-furred female apprentice, was catching his eye. he tried his best to try and impress her with his faulted skills, and she would end up sneering in his direction. oh, what a beautiful start to love, right? she ended up receiving her warrior name first, becoming pearpelt, and he looked at her in a light of adoring. he was officially in love.


becoming a warrior wasn’t exactly the best part of his life, as he was given a name that was extremely boring; hazelface. he was attractive (he was god), but that didn’t mean anything, did it? it meant that he would give on the best genes to future offspring, but it meant nothing at all. pearpelt didn’t pay any attention to him, and instead, she was fawning over his sister- honeyfang, at this point- instead of him. he was jealous, outraged, and believed that he could go on without her. he was proven wrong when she fell gravely ill- greencough- in the next leafbare. he could only watch on as she coughed her life away, and he kept asking frostbite, is there anything i can do, anything to keep her alive? the medicine cat shook her head and basically shoved him out. that was when his thoughts shook themselves clear; he wanted to help others. he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

the next morning, he asked frostbite if he could be her apprentice. it took a while, but she finally agreed to it, and he would become the next medicine cat apprentice, at the age of 20 moons. a little bit of a late start, but that didn’t matter much to him.

medicine cat apprentice

first day as a medicine cat apprentice, and hazelface is keeping his name- but, it definitely will not stay for long, frostbite tells him. she would change his suffix once he became a full medicine cat, and he would ask why, if he didn’t already dislike the second part of his name. almost immediately, he began to learn the different herbs and poultices, and just what each illness was about. greencough, what his beloved pearpelt has, normally arrives in the leafbare moons, and it is pretty difficult to cure. frostbite also laid down the restrictions, and specifically told him about the no falling in love bit. this did shock hazelface, and he would’ve asked why that was so important, but he bit his tongue. it wasn’t like he had anyone he was mates with, he could do this, easy.

learning how to become a medicine cat was definitely hard work, but the ending result was what made it all worth his while. he started stepping up with injuries, making herb wraps, finding more herbs- you name it, he would do it. he also seemed to get along just fine with some of the other medicine cats, and noted how each of them were getting older, and that he was still quite young. they all did have apprentices, most of them were about his age or older, and he just didn’t understand why he was one of the youngest, even though he started so late. he discarded these thoughts, and he was driven on through the rest of his training.

medicine cat

he didn’t gain his full medicine cat status until he actually assisted with the delivery of kittens, which took all of his restraint in not becoming sick to his stomach. yes, he did realize why everything was important, and yes, he was actually really great at this position. he understood almost everything, and he did pretty nice performances. the moon before frostbite passed away, due to greencough, his name was changed from hazelface to hazelberry, an actual sign of his status as a medicine cat. he has been the sole medicine cat of thunderclan since thirty-eight moons of age, and he is still kicking. no one can kill god now, especially since he took an apprentice; curlewpaw.

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oc headcanon #7

mardi is actually Really Fucking Protective over tuesday, even if he doesn’t show it at first.

she’s his only sibling, and a younger one at that. of course he’s going to look out for her, yeah? always. he pretty much judges all the people that she dates and doesn’t approve of any of them, but he never says this out loud. he might make some snide comments at the other person, a couple sarcastic remarks, no big deal, really. tuesday might ask him what the hell is wrong with him afterward- he just shrugs it off as normal behavior.

(except for that one day, where tuesday actually gets married- he would eventually trust her choice and he would always say ‘i’m happy for you.’)

(he truthfully is happy that his little sister has what she want, even if he’s still single.)

(living alone in a one bedroom apartment with internet access and a job that he enjoys- that’s all he needs in his own life.)

(he doesn’t need anyone but himself.)